Tresa Sanders

Tresa Sanders

Tresa Sanders has been in the entertainment business since 1991, and is considered a leader and a specialist in excellence as it pertains to PR, marketing and branding in the entertainment space. 

Her military background coupled with both corporate and entrepreneurial experience makes for an interesting and sophisticated blend of talents. She has had the pleasure of being a principal and purposeful entity in every charge of business she have been given. 

She has had the unique honor of starting her career in the world of marketing and public relations as an entrepreneur out the gate, and has held department head positions at companies such as Sony Music and Universal Music Group. In addition, she’s been named a “Power Player” in Billboard magazine and has been quoted in the New York Times and the NY Post as it pertains to pop culture. 

Though always rooted in entertainment, diversity in her portfolio is a must. Over the past 20+ years, she has worked in music, film television, sports and broadened the reach of executives in the worlds of advertising, sports, and music, garnering key media placements on nationally broadcast programs that include The View, GMA, Kimmel, E! and Fallon and in print and digital outlets such as Huffington Post, NY Times, Fast Company, Slate, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Essence, Complex, Vice, and more.

At her core, she’s a girl from Flint, MI trying to make a difference with every step that she takes, be it personally or professionally.