Lisa Weaver Cobbs

Lisa Weaver Cobb

Lisa is currently the HR leader for the IBM Global Markets, US Financial Services Market. In her role, Lisa is responsible for developing innovative solutions to improve organizational effectiveness. She has held a number of assignments in human resources including skills development, diversity, and resource program management.  She has successfully lead, cross enterprise career development projects focused on improving the strength and diversity of the business and technical leadership pipeline in the globally integrated enterprise.

She has extensive experience in the technology and services delivery marketplace; working across divisions and through business acquisition transitions.  Lisa joined IBM as a Systems Engineer, after receiving her BBA and MA from the University of Michigan. She holds a juris doctor from Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University, as well. Prior to transitioning to the human resources organization, she held management positions leading sales specialists and systems engineers responsible for providing business solutions to clients in a variety of industries.

Lisa and her husband, William Cobbs, have an adult son.  She also finds time to volunteer as a weekend docent for the “Inspiring Minds” exhibit at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History; and for Gift of Life Michigan, whose goal is to increase public and professional participation in organ and tissue donation for transplantation.