Dan White

Dan White is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer with the photojournalistic perspective of a world traveler that permeates his commercial, editorial and artistic images.

White received his Bachelor of Journalism, with an emphasis on photojournalism from the University of Missouri. He won third place in the College Photographer of the Year competition and was awarded the Hearst Medal for excellence in photojournalism.

After college, White worked for the Yakima Herald-Republic in the state of Washington and the Columbia Tribune in Missouri. It was while at the Kansas City Star that White shared in the Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the Hyatt hotel skywalk collapse. Currently, White continues his twenty-five-year career as a commercial photographer based in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 2003, White’s photograph of a cowgirl in the Flint Hills of Kansas was chosen out of one million images to grace the cover of America 24/7.

In 2006, he completed a series of 50 images of Kansas City’s legendary jazz musicians. The culmination of two decades of work, the portraits, along with anecdotal interviews, opened as a one-man show at the American Jazz Museum and has been traveling the country ever since.

Working for the Conservatorium of Music at The University of Sydney in Australia in

2010 and 2011, White made a side trip to the outback to work on a portrait project of the aborigines of the Northern Territories.

Dan White literally sees the world, not only through the lens, but with the heightened awareness of one who travels internationally to better understand himself through others’ faces and experiences.

The technical vocabulary of White’s award-winning photography informs his fine art projects. At times, black and white magnifies the lighting and composition of his images, exposing the essence of the subject; those in his cowboy, jazz and Aboriginal series were natural for black and white. Yet color images best captured the Zapotec’s vibrancy in Oaxaca, and the colorful lives of Mongolia’s nomads, monks and musicians. White often shoots in large format to produce majestic prints as large as his appreciation for the world’s people and their significance.